View Full Version : finish cut on profiles at full depth

04-02-2015, 10:41 AM
I cut a lot of holes in instrument panels with 2.5d profiling. When I do thicker aluminum I sometimes need to make multiple passes to get full depth and then I want to leave a little stock and come back with a finish cut. RhinoCAM will allow me to use as many cut levels as I need and stepover, but that does not do what I want which is several passes at increasing depth to cut the hole and then one finish cut at full depth. What RhinoCAM does is the first depth, stepover, second depth, second stepover, etc. This makes cuts take much longer than needed since it could have done three step downs and one finish for a total of four passes, but it does six passes. It also leaves marks on the edge of the part by not doing the finish pass at full depth.

I realize that I could profile the holes in one operation and then come back and do the full depth finish in a second operation, but that also takes a lot more time because it does all the holes, retracts from each one, then goes back and does the finish cuts on each one. I could also do the two operations on one hole and then move on and do the two on the next one, but that takes a ton of time setting them all up and it would still retract the tool and plunge between the operations unless I wanted to go back and spend even more time editing the Gcode.

Am I doing something wrong or is there really no good way to make it do what I want?

04-13-2015, 05:55 AM
When I am doing holes and need a good edge I use 2 profile cuts, the first cut is with a very small amount of stock and can have multiple step down cuts to get through, The a second profil cut at more the the sheet thickness with zero stock. you should look at either ramming in or large radius entries.
This does mean going around the job twice if you put all the holes into each of the profile cuts or you can copy and paste the each of profile cut multiple times and change the regions in each one this way it will cut through the sheet and do a finish cut before moving on the the next pair of profile cuts.
Hope this helps out