View Full Version : Outstanding Features of Wood Shavings Pellet Mill

03-30-2015, 09:00 PM
High-efficient wood shavings pellet mill or wood chip pellet mill is mainly used for mass production of thin shavings of uniform thickness, is an automatic machine of wood shavings It includes the rack, platform on the place rack , the tool holder fixed on the platform, wood materials from the feed inlet into the machine, after the blade slicing inside the machine, produce wood shavings, wood shaving output of the size, even thickness, and there is no difference with wood wood shavings out of the factory by hand.

Wood Shavings Pellet Mill Features:

1. Feed chute: External discharging can be carried out by pulling out the external discharging lever arm of feed chute to prevent feed from entering the pellet chamber for the convenience of trial run and breakdown removal.

2. The feeder is variable speed controlled to meet different output requirements and with the special structure, it makes materials conveyed evenly.

3. With international advanced equipment and technology, Stainless ring die has long service life and can make slippy pellet with high quality.

4. Gearbox: with pinion shaft, main gear, main shaft, quill shaft, gearbox body, manual lubrication system and overload protection system.

5. Widely used for large scope of raw material, such as wood chips, sawdust, straw, grass, rice husk, pasture, palm leaf etc.

6. With magnet and over load protection system, which can protect the machine well during production.

7. The imported bearing and oil seal in the main drive to ensure highly-efficiency,stability and durability.

8. Coupling assembly: with hub-taper lock bores, bushing-taper locks, S-shaped grid cover etc.

9. Over 15 years experience and more than 1000 turn key pellet lines.

10. Ring die special design for low bulk density pelleting.

11. One set of roller assembly---two roller system.

12. Door made with one knife assembly.

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