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03-30-2015, 08:59 PM
Small pellet mill can process the peanut shell, bagasse, castor bean shell, straw, sawdust, rice husk, sunflower seed shell,Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. introduces small pellet mill details (http://www.woodpelletmillchina.com/pro/biomass_pellet_mill.html) as below:

1. Small pellet mill adopts Germany high technology, which is our national patent machine. it has the unique advantages to enlarge inside flat die diameter, so roller assemble and bearings are both enlarged too, which can produce higherpressure than ring die pellet press.ring die pellet press inside ringdie is restricted by diameter, its roller can not be enlarged enough, so the assemble bearings are not strong enough to bear large pressure.

2. Small pellet mill is specially fit for home use or factory to do trail experiment. It can press 2-8mm diameter biomass fuel pellet, animal feed and fertilizer pellets, raw biomass materialscan be biomass waste from sawdust, rice husk, agricultural stalk, straw, peanut shell, sun flower, paper ect, animal feed materials can be grain, soybean, maize ect, fertilizer materials can be animal manure, chemical and so on.

3. Small pellet mill can make biomass pellets for burning and make animal feed pellets to feed animal, fertilizer pellets for farm use. the engine can be installed by both electric motor or diesel engine or work connect with PTO tractor. very easy to operate.

4. When small pellet mill works, it is flat die take rotates and then take rollers work, but the whole roller assemble keeps stable. in this way will keep all materials piles up in the center of flat die, increase capacity and pelletizing efficiency.

5. Small pellet mill can press high density pellets , for biomass, pellet density can reach 1.1-1.4ton/m3, pellet diameter can be 2-8mm, theknive installed nearby pellet machine outlet door can adjust the pellet length.

6. Especially for crude fiber biomass materials, its adhesive is very low, needs high pressure to press high density pellets, for biomass, the flat die wood pellet mill is more fit.

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