View Full Version : Introduce the Product Function of Straw Pellet Mill

03-27-2015, 11:23 PM
China is a large agricultural country with rich straw resources. The annual production of straw which are easy for storage is over 0.6 billion. But the developing and utilize of straw is still on the primary stages. A large amount of straw crops are being burnd in the field, which are not only severely pollutes the atmosphere, but also make big damage to the people’s health. China is a big country which produces and burns a large amount of coal. It has a large amount of small and middle boilers. The total amount of existing boilers is about 50, 0000, and most of them are small boiler whose production is 4 ton per hour. Those small boilers have low thermal efficiency which not only waste of coal resources, but also increase the pollution of smoking. The development and promotion of straw pellet mill solve the difficult problem which not only protect the environment but also save the natural resources.

Straw pellet machine is also named as straw pellets making machine, which is mainly developed for the materials of straw plants such as corn stalks, wheat straw, cotton straw, etc. The most important point is that straw pellet fuel save 20-26% coal in total and reduces over 65% of sulphur content comparing with the coal fuel. According to the present annual industrial coal consumption, it saved 6400-7200, 00000 ton coal per year and reduced 360, 0000 ton sulphur content. The high efficiency and function of low cost straw energy can be compared with coal, which not only create a good condition for the promotion and popularization of straw pellet mill (http://www.woodpelletmillchina.com/service.html), but also promote the research and develop of straw energy strongly.

As the promotion and development of straw energy and equipment, it has the best way for transmit the straw and other combustible biomass plant. The relative data of the National energy Network has proved that the annual agro production wastes is up to 6-8 billion ton, which can either be garbage or burned on the spot. It not only pollutes the environment but also saved about 8 billion ton coal. It is imperative to increase the conversion of straw with high quality.

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