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03-26-2015, 10:48 PM
Small pellet plant is mainly applicable to crude fiber granulation, such as: sawdust, rice husk, cotton see hull, weeds and all kinds of crop straw, home wastage, the worn out plastic and the factory reject, the material of low adhesion rate, difficult to forming. It also can be applied to biological fertilizer, organic fertilizer, compound fertilzer low temperature pelleting.

For small pellet plant, it’s a necessary to feed the pellet mill all time with the same amount of material to get an stable working process. To much material will stopp the process of pelletising because the koller wheels will start turning inside material, to less material will damage the wheels and the die because the wheels and die will roll on each other. The pelletizer is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder system to press the wheels parallel automatic and even all the time down thought the die. This hydraulic system is moved by a hydraulic hand pump, to regulate the pressure throught the cylinder from 0 to 30 mPA which is equal from 0 to 5 tonnes each cylinder. An overpressure valve regulate the pressure from14 to 30 mpa .

An Frquecy controlled engine gives you all the time the opurtunity to control all the time the speed of the turning die.which is runn by an gearbox. We offer differend gearboxes lke worm gears up to 140 RPM, bevel gers up to 202 rpm, and parallel shaft helical gears up to 330 rpm. So you have all options to choose for every material you want to press to choose the right pressing power and the right speed of the die.

The vibration sieve with cooler softly sieves the pellets after the pelletizing process and sort out too mall pellets and dust. The fans will cool down the pellets and make them stable after they come out hot from the pelletizer. The pelletize process can heat up the pellets to 80 grad Celsius so they are soft an easy to broke. So its necessary to cool them down and transport softly.

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