View Full Version : Analyze Reasons for Low Production of Pellet Mill

03-26-2015, 10:44 PM
Pellet mill, also called pellet making machine, is the key equipment for pelletizing technology, and the ring die is the heart part of pelletizing, which are one of the easiest wearing part of pellet mill. Researching the reasons for the failure of ring die and improving the service condition has great influence to the production quantity and quality, to reduce the power consumption and production cost etc.

If the pellet mill has low production, there are several reasons should be concerned:

1. To adjust the clearance of the die and compression rollers. Too small clearance can increase the friction force of the compression rollers and ring die with short life span of ring die. Big clearance gives rise to slipping of the compression rollers with lower output.

2. After the flat die is in operation for a period of time, please check up whether the taped holes of inside flat die is wearing or not, and the compression rollers are wearing or not. If the wearing resistance is serious, please maintain the ring die and countersink the wearing taped hole. The wearing compression rollers much be replaced. The wearing of the ring die holes affected the output greatly.

3. New die. Please check up whether the compression ratio is matching up to the raw materials at first. If the compression ratio is too big, the resistance force that material pass through the die holes are increasing, the extruding pellet is hard and the output is lower; if the compression ration is so small that the extruding pellet can not molded. So it is necessary to choose a proper compression ration one more time. The second is to check up the degree of finish of holes of ring die. Bad quality ring dies has rough surface of ring die holes, and the resistance force of discharging is so big that the surface of the pellets is rough with low output. At last, check up the round ring die is out-of-round or not. This can give rise to lower output of the pellets. So it is necessary to choose a high quality ring die.

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