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10-24-2006, 02:15 AM
Being a Mechanical Engineer, it is very hard to understand the designing of electronics/electrical. But fortunately i came to understand about designing a transformer. i saw many friends searching for specific voltage transformer on cnc zone.
so for building a transformer, first survey the core. it may be I section, E section or toroidal.
If u found some in junk, pl. strip it.
Let us assume u found E section core
1. the basic formula for calculating " Number of turns per Volt per square inch" is 7 ( it is universal after studying numerous books having very complex designing & calculations)
now assuming u want to make a transformer rating 240 V to 24V. u found core having X sectional area of 3 sq. inch.
Hence for primary winding:
7divide by 3 multiply by 240= 560 turns
Secondary winding
7 divide by 3 multiply by 24= 56 turns.
it is so simple & used.
For gauge of wire for desired current, pl refer to supplier of winding wire.