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03-06-2015, 08:00 PM
So I'm looking at a 4' x 8' table and having a great time with my shopping cart with as low as 5 grand in it to circling 9 grand with all the various options.

Three questions.

1 OK I would love to just treat myself to the steel table legs @ about 600.00 ish with shipping, but I imagine that a very sturdy wood build is possible with local lumber for maybe $200.00. Does a 4' x 8' table top work for the standard or PRO? Or is the table a bit larger?

2 Building the PRO but using NEMA 23 motors? dumb idea or is it more of a case of what material your cutting? At this point I know most of the work will be with 1/4" and 1/2" thick PVC plastic and most likely 3/4" plywood. The bigger motor mostly means faster cut speed?

3 DIY on the electronics vs just taking the easy way out and buy the plug and play package? From what I can tell the DIY version does not come with the cool steel case? Wiring and soldering is not an issue. For me it is just a case of fully needing clear cut information on wiring and how to lay it out. If nothing else I should be able to custom cut a box as a first project.