View Full Version : Need Help! I/O Options

02-18-2015, 10:22 PM
I am retro fitting my MAHO HM800C machining centre with Camsoft and Galil DMC4163 motion controller.
I am looking at the possibility of reusing the I/O boards as the DMC doesn't have enough general I/O.

There are 36 inputs and 58 outputs, the relay coils are 24Vdc and rated at 38 mA each.

The original cards look to still be in good condition and it would mean I can reuse the four 37 pin ribbon cables from the relay boards also I would be left with a spare.

The cards have 64 pin (DIN or IEC 61076) plugs on the back.

My question is, dose anyone know if it is possible to connect the I/O cards up to say an Ethernet Board so I can connect through to the PC and the controller, or am I just wasting time and need to bite the bullet and buy the Galil RIo 71300 I/O and expanded memory $$$$$ ?

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