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01-01-2015, 08:08 PM
Iv been posting in another thread l9oking for advice on a gantry style deaktop 4 axis cnc that i will use to mill wax jewlery molds as well as soft metals...there seem to be few affordable options.

Im posting here because i see several option zen offers..they offer upgrades to allow for more z travel as well upgrades to aluminum frame to make it more rigid.

This has me thinking i can purchase a zen 12 x 12..upgrade or modify the frame for more support. .buy the upgrade to increase z travel....put in a kern spindle and a 4th axis and im wondering if this gives me an affordable, fairly accurate machine for the money?

Again..its mainly for 3d 4 axis jewlery work in plastic and wax but i want the option of machining soft metals even if i have to take my time.

If i support the frame, add the extra z travel add the 4 th axis they offer and eapecially if i use a kern spindle that should have no problem with metal...does anyone feel there is any reason this cant be an affordable option for a low cost and accurate desktop machine capable of cutting metal??..i could enclose it in an acrylic box and evem add a watwr cooling system.

01-02-2015, 02:19 PM
Hi There Manakawari,
The Zen Toolworks 12x12 is more than capable of machining wax molds especially with a 4th axis. There is a Zen Toolworks User utilizing his machine for this same purpose. Attached are a couple photos from his Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/sennin.esko

As for machining soft metals, it is possible on these machines, but not very time efficient. Very light passes must be made to decrease the vibration and possible flex. Of course doing some strengthening of the frame and a more capable spindle will definitely help improve this. If you don't plan on using the machine for metals on a regular basis, it might be an option for you. Also the size of the part to be machined from metal plays a role. If you are planning on machining very small parts with small tool bits, you will be better off rather than larger parts and larger tool bits for example.

Also if you plan to go with the taller Gantry and Z-Axis from the beginning, we can upgrade the machine at no additional cost by swapping those components out for you. We can also offer a discount on the Aluminum Gantry Upgrade if you chose to opt for that initially as well.

Hope this helps.
Best Regards,

B.J. Warren
Zen Toolworks