View Full Version : Finish turn roughed column

Art Ransom
10-03-2006, 12:28 AM
8 sided wood blank has had the corners milled down so it is a 16 sided piece. Using 1.5" flat bottom bit milling at TDC to finish milling column round. Suggestions/help requested.

G20 g90 F10 ( inch, absolute programing, feed 10 IPM)
**rotate stock a 10 RPM (Need command.)
g0 x0 y-2
g0 z-.03
g0 y 99
g0 z.5
g0 y-2
g0 z-.05
g0 y99
g0 z.5
( repeat milling at 0.02" as needed)
g0 x0 y-2 m30

10-03-2006, 09:00 AM
Set up two different profiles in Mach2. One with the lathe spindle as an angular axis, for doing spiral and indexing type work, and another with the spindle as a step and direction spindle, to do the finishing pass you're looking for.
Then just set the rpm in the g-code and turn on the spindle. The spindle will spin constantly until you stop it.

S10 M3 (turn on the spindle at 10 rpm)
G0 x0 y-2
G1 z-.03 (add a feed speed here Fx.xx)
G1 y 99
G0 z.5
G0 y-2
G1 z-.05
g1 y99
g0 z.5
M5 (turn off spindle)