View Full Version : Africa Small CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Used in Automotive Industry

Bill Levis
12-04-2014, 02:08 AM
Have you ever thought about using small cnc plasma cutting machine in your automotive business when portable metal cutting machine becomes a trend? Since many large automotive manufacturers purchased laser cutting machine to improve cutting precision and working efficiency, it is a big challenge for SME auto parts suppliers who are still using traditional industrial plasma cutting machine.

To largely reduce cost and keep high precision, SMEs have tried small cnc plasma cutting machine (http://www.steeltailor.com/blog/small-cnc-plasma-cutting-machine-used-automotive-industry/), also known as portable metal cutting machine. Famous brands and models of portable metal cutting machine are very popular on the market now, like SteelTailor Smart III, Torchmate 3 Bolt Together, Koike PNC-12 etc. Take Smart III portable metal cutting machine as an example, its cutting speed can reach to 4000mm/min in cutting out high quality auto parts. With 0.2mm repeatability and consistent cutting size, Smart III small cnc plasma cutting machine is able to cut 2-22mm thickness metal plates. What’s more, this portable metal cutting machine can largely improve production efficiency for SMEs auto parts workshop with the powerful function of nesting cut process.

As renowned small CNC plasma cutting machine manufacturers, whatever SteelTailor or Torchmate, is your reliable choice.


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Bolt Together | Torchmate (http://torchmate.com/products/legacy-series/torchmate-3/bolt-together-2)

PNC-12 Extreme Portable CNC Cutting Machine (http://www.koike.com/pnc-12-extreme)