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Steel Tailor
12-02-2014, 03:52 AM
Portable metal cutting machine (http://www.steeltailor.com/blog/best-feature-portable-metal-cutting-machine/) was introduced to the whole world approximately in 2005 when its structure is cantilever. After that, many heavy-duty plasma machine manufacturers turned to revolutionize this small cnc plasma cutting machine.

From cantilever structure to light gantry, now small cnc plasma cutting machine (http://www.steeltailor.com/blog/big-things-well-small-cnc-plasma-cutting-machine/) has table-sized style, like Torchmate 3 Bolt Together machine and SteelTailor Smart III portable table cutting machine.

As I experienced, the best feature of portable metal cutting machine is its easy assembly. SteelTailor Smart III is capable of assembly in one hour, as Torchmate 3 can be assembled with a few basic hand tools. Besides, SteelTailor Smart III and Torchmate 3 portable metal cutting machine enjoy light weight, almost 5 times lighter than traditional industrial plasma cutting machine. Though portable it is, structure of small cnc plasma cutting machine is reinforced by aluminium plates that ensures stable and reliable cutting process.

For fabricators, workshop engineers, hobbyist or metal cut artists, Torchmate 3 Bolt Together and SteelTailor Smart III portable metal cutting machine will be you best choice.

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Bolt Together | Torchmate (http://torchmate.com/products/legacy-series/torchmate-3/bolt-together-2)