View Full Version : Solid state limit switches

01-03-2004, 07:22 PM
I have a bit of electronics knowledge, and I was wondering about the use of hall effect switches for DIY limit switch assemblies. I have a flashcut servo system, currently using normally closed roller microswitches. I like the concept of an easily adjustable hall chip + magnet combo.

First, does anyone know how accurate (repeatable) a typical hall + magnet setup would be? The mechanical switches I am using are pretty good at +/- .001" consistently. If the hall cannot beat that, I may be wasting my time.

Secondly, are precision magnetic switches for this type of use available off the shelf in a NC configuration? If cheap enough, it might be easier just to pony up the $$.

A NC hall setup would be ideal in that any power loss or other glitch would open the line and halt the servos.

Thanks guys.