View Full Version : Benchtop Pro & All Around Router Advice

10-18-2014, 06:13 AM
Hi All,
I'm completely green when it comes to cnc routers and i'm looking for some advice. I have a couple benchtop cnc mills and i'm thinking about converting one (an LMS SX2) back to manual and using the electronics towards a Benchtop Pro kit in hopes that it will complement what i'm doing with my mill.

Some things are just not possible in my mill due to the size of the parts and size and speeds of the cutters needed and need to be programmed in 3d, which my mill is capable of but I am not sure if routers are, i think they are since i've seen videos of them cutting 3d surfaces but not sure if it's machine dependant . Specifically parts made of plastic such as ABS and delrin like the part i show below. Tolerances are about +/-.005 and a 1/32 ball mill is needed to cut the part. In Addition to plastic parts like this i would like to be able to parts out of aluminum, mostly 2.5D and occasionally 3d if possible but it's not a must. The aluminum parts would be out of 1/8 & 3/16 thick stock, and 1/4 if possible.

Like I said, I no nothing about routers and their capabilities and I'm looking for some real users advice

Any help is greatly appreciated