View Full Version : need help for Kiamura mycenter 2 with Fanuc 6M

10-15-2014, 10:00 PM
hi every one, i'm Jesse and new to this forum and a newbie to cnc 's. I have a problem with my Kitamura mycenter 2. a couple of days ago my operator e-stopped the cnc as it was in the middle of tool changing. i restarted the machine and homed it out and reran the program but the machine did not change tools. everything works but it wont change tools. on the the tool location number on the controller displays tool 5 but it reality its tool 6. how do i reset the ATC. i looked through the books i have for the machine but there is nothing on how to reset or recover the ATC to the proper tool location and reactive the tool change .
The carousel moves manually but when running the program no tool changes occurs. can some one help me with the recovery?
thanks Jesse