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10-05-2014, 06:01 PM
Hi, I'm Jordi and I'm a carpenter and little cabinetmaker in Barcelona, Spain

At first I apologize for my low level of English.

After much study and plan the feasibility of buying a cnc milling machine, visit many forums and test the market, I opted for OMNI, both the materials used and for experience of other users.

I have been in contact with Zach for a resolving doubts and asking questions time and now I can only have good words for it, as it has solved me all the questions and doubts, and has helped me in everything I've asked. At all times he has advised me and answered briefly.

OMNI-CNC now is ending 1325 with my CNC 4th axis. To be sent towards barcelona in coming weeks.

Here I also read a bad experience with OMNI-CNC, it is important for both parties to be predisposed to solve problems, because anybody are perfect, and learn and improve these situations.

I trust the expertise of the entire team at OMNI in making a good for me and for all its buyers machine as like any business, a good reputation is synonymous with prosperity.

Zach has my trust, so I leave all in your hands, I have always informed of how it goes.

When the machine is loaded on the ship I will post to follow the process.


12-07-2014, 07:12 AM
Well, Yesterday came the ship carrying my machine to the port of barcelona, Monday is a holiday here, so Tuesday between customs and other'll have to wait until Wednesday for coming to my shop. I am looking forward to after all the selection process, talks with Zach, procedures and transport.

Next week I will talk to Zach pictures and to tell you that I have already received my machine. I want to have it installed in my studio and start learning with it.

The truth may seem complicated, but the only obstacle is the distáncia, and in my case the email has saved him by telephone via Skype would have been much easier and faster, but my English is not enough for that, and Zach could check.


11-02-2018, 11:39 AM
So, how do you like your machine so far Mr. Gittis?