View Full Version : Imformation overload, Homebrew CNC

12-18-2003, 09:49 PM
Ok, now that I've been throughly (much by my own doing) drown in imformation.

Ok, This is where I'm at right now. (Things are working, or at least moving in a linear fashion).

I'm using this controller,

I'm using these three motors,

I've hooked into the +lines 1 ohm resistors(no idea what the watts are).

PSU, is standard older ATX 300 watt.

I'm running KCAM4.0. (Have noted, I should use TurboCNC).
on a Win98 system p166 -w- 32 mg ram standard laptop.

I was noticing some flatness on circles, say larger than 3" dia.
This flatness occurred on the x-axis.
(I was told this could be caused from a machine/mechanical problem).
Check system, Same type x-axis configuration as y-axis.
(would think flatness would occur in both directions if mechanical).
Check motors, x-axis motor seemed to be really light in the torgue area.
(this was while running KCAM4.0).
Tried TurboCNC, the torgue output was there for the x-axis but seemed to stutter somewhat.)

I downloaded the resistor calculator. If my controller has "FETS"
my motors require 5.00 ohm /7.2 watt resistors.

If my controller has resistors. my motors require 4.25 ohm/6.12 watt resistors.

FETS and RESISTORS are alien to me. as are the watts for the motor power resistors.

Can I find the required power riesistors given the info above?
And do I have a decent setup for a homebrew system?

Thank you much in advance for any input.

Merry Christmas.