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07-09-2014, 05:05 AM
Hi Guys,

I was wondering if I might impose upon some of the experts here for some advise. I'm an all round IT guy & do some IT work for a local machinist. My background would be in PC repair mainly, and have a lot of experience building & servicing PCs & Servers.

They have a Siemens 840c controller running a Hyundai Hit 18S. The main problem is that the controller is producing some error codes on startup, that will not allow it to boot fully & thus the machine is inoperable. The main error message on the startup screen is 'NC in Gen Reset'. . Apparently, The hard drive was taken out of this machine & put into another similar machine by an amateur technician. This hard drive was able to run the other machine, but upon re-installing it to the original machine, all these error messages began to crop up. They've had all the boards tested & everything was returned functioning, which should rule out any hardware faults.


Now, I could be completely wrong but I am of the the opinion that somewhere along the way some of the files on the Hard Drive got corrupted, and a re-install of the OS of the controller might fix the issues. The OS on the controller is really old (Flex OS) and I can't seem to find any info on it let alone an updated copy.

When I go into diagnosis on the Controller it says there are 8 Alarms:


I have been able to get some info from the Alarm logs on the controller but then it freezes up & I have to restart it from scratch.


I've removed the Hard Drive & have taken it offsite, so I'm pretty sure I can access the Alarm Logs if they would be of help to diagnose the issues. I do have pictures of the Alarm logs that I can post here as well. However, with 8 alarms, I was wondering if a fresh install of the OS would fix all the issues instead of trying to fix one by one.

Any support would really be helpful and appreciated. If you guys think I wouldn't be up to the task because of lack of experience, I would be open to setting up a remote session via Teamviewer/Skype where I patch into the machine or hard drive & let you take control. Like I said, all the hardware has been tested, so to me it seems like a Software issue. I would of course compensate you for your time.

Thank you so much guys for your time!
Stephen in Ireland.

PS. Here is the link to the manual of the 840c
DOConWEB - SINUMERIK 840C 11/01 English (Content) (http://www.automation.siemens.com/doconweb/content.asp?item=1959&cd=840c_1101_e&scope=all)

Some images from the Alarm Logs: