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04-16-2012, 03:44 PM
Hello CNC community

Does anybody have any experience with traversing to a stop? Is this function an option?

Background: I want to check with an empty holding fixture if a moulded drill hole is available or not.

I would immerse with a small momentum with the intake into the drill hole by using the function.
When I reach the final position then it means the drill hole is available. If the function stops the movement of the Z axis before, then no drill hole is available.

Could that work? Does anybody have an example program?

Regards W06Fan

04-16-2012, 05:22 PM
Yes, but not with G75.
Traversing to a stop is a payable option.

If it’s active, you have to consider several things when you want to use the function as you explained.

G1 G95 Z-5 FXS[Z]= 1 FXST[Z]= 10 FXSW[Z]=2 F200

G0 G94 Q1=400 FXS[Z]=0

G1 Start up has to happen in working feed rate!
Z= Axis should run to end stop
FXS[Z] =switch on function (= 1) or switch off(= 0)
FXST[Z] =axis power in % (Torqe)
FXSW[Z] =Size of the monitoring window when released in mm
F =feed for the approach

You have to enter the axis name in the function, not the geometry axis. Z could also be called Z1.
Because the function is designed that the axis should encounter resistance – so if the axis runs into nothing, then an alarm is released. The alarm message has to get switched off with $MA_FIXED_STOP_ALARM_MASK.
Now the condition of FXS has to get analyzed and corresponding action has to get triggered.

Status target state „traversing to a stop“
0: axis not in stop
1: end stop approached successfully
2: Approach of the fixed stop has failed
3: Selection drive to fixed stop is active
4: end stop was recognized
5: deselecting drive to fixed stop active

G1 G95 Z-5 FXS[Z]= 1 FXST[Z]= 10 FXSW[Z]=2 F200
case ($AA_FXS[Z]) of 1 gotof LAB1 2 gotof LAB2
G0 Z400 FXS[Z]=0
G0 Z400 FXS[Z]=0
I would recommend starting the trial with a small FXST value. The drive should just about to be able to move the axis.
Values > 30% are usually already dangerous for the axis.
You will find more in the programming manual working preparation and in the list manual of the system variables.