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10-05-2011, 06:14 AM
Who can help me out? We recently got a DMC 80h DuoBlock with 840D SolutionLine and as always nobody has a clue how to use it correctly.
How can I create a sequence-/ block repetition, when for example a finishing cutter is exchanged in sentenec 138. However I only want to repeat a contour that was described already in sentence 22-48 – without copying it. I only want to use GOTO N22...N48 and then after continue in the sentence for example 140.

How can I program it?

Many thanks for your help in advance
Regards rapid14

10-05-2011, 06:32 AM
Write a beginning label before sequence 22 and after sequence 48 ENDLABEL:
After you exchanged the cutter, simply call the REPEAT command.
The porgram will look similar to this:
CONTOUR: ;Label beginning of the contour, choose a name you want
N22 ...
ENLABEL: ;Endlabel of the contour, has to be called ENDLABEL!!!
N139 M6

It’s really important that you use the double points (:) after the label name- otherwise the controller doesn’t recognise the label.

However you MUST NOT use the double points in the Repeat command.