View Full Version : CUT3DC-CUT2D-CUT2DF

08-20-2010, 02:44 AM
We have a 5-axes machine equipped with a 840D control.As we use a CAM system, the program is created using center line programming.
However, the tool wear has to be compensated by the control itself.
In the manual I can see there are several modes for cutter compensation G41/G42/G40
Normally, I should program CUT2D when the tool axis is constant at 0,0,1(B0C0 position in ISO programming)
Whenever I use an inclined frame, this should be CUT2DF, and when in continuous 5-axes milling it should be CUT3DC

What would happen if I always use CUT3DC, even when I'm working in 2D (tool axis 0,0,1) ?
Would the compensation be calculated correctly?

Anyone has some experience with this?