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11-10-2007, 01:22 PM
hi guy.. somebody please help me..

my final project is fabricate car side mirror.. the problem is, whn i try running using sinumerik at pc (sinumerik pc suitable software).... the g code cannot be simulate, the srceen display "channel 1 selected program C:\ SI_TRAIN\DH\WKS.DIR\SHOPMILL not available or is e* "

I also don’t know to transfer g-code to machine.. I connect the pc (same comp. name load-in in machine) by USB, but machine cannot load in.

i tried since 2 month but still failed.. if you kindly.. you can try my G-code.. may be some thing wrong with my G-code

;=== cPost Standard PP for SINUMERIK 840 D ===
N10 G0 G90 G40
N20 G40 M8
N30 G17
N40 ;=============== TOOL CHANGE =================
N50 ; DESC :
N60 ;=============================================
N70 T1 M06
N80 D1
N90 G0 G90 G40 G17
N100 F0 S0
N110 G64 SOFT
N120 G0 X234.204 Y-167.9 Z100.971 S70 M3
N130 G0 Z2.553
N140 G1 X240 Z1 F300 G94
N150 X0.01 F1000
N160 Y-164.9
N170 X239.99
N180 Y-161.9
N190 X0.01
N200 Y-158.9
N210 X239.99
N220 Y-155.9
N230 X0.01
N240 Y-152.9
N250 X239.99
N260 Y-149.9
N270 X0.01
N280 Y-146.9
N290 X239.99
N300 Y-143.9
N310 X0.01
N320 Y-140.9
N330 X239.99
N340 Y-137.9
N350 X0.01
N360 Y-134.9
N370 X239.99
N380 Y-131.9
N390 X0.01
N400 Y-128.9
N410 X239.358
N420 X239.99 Y-125.9
N430 X0.01
N440 Y-122.9
N450 X239.99
N460 Y-119.9
N470 X0.01
N480 Y-116.9
N490 X239.99
N500 Y-113.9
N510 X0.01
N520 Y-110.9

11-24-2007, 08:48 AM
I hope i can help you, try the followings:
1. Please connect the machine by Ethernet, change the Networksettings from Machine to DHCP
2. Connect your Computer to the machine, it could be you need a password, this you can get from the Producer of the Machine.
3. Look at a Directory like WKS.DIR
4. In this Directory create a Subfolder like "MirrorData.WPD". The Extension ".WPD" must be in the Foldername!
5. Copy the G-Codefile with the extension "*.mpf" to this Folder.

For Example a G-Codefile in 5-Axis wich works:

N6 ; --- Home-Point SUPA ---
N11 ; --------- PROZEDUR INFO ---------
N12 ;Beschreibung : schlichten hinten
N13 ;Typ : SRFPRF
N14 ; ---------------------------------
N15 MSG( "Beschreibung : schlichten hinten" )
N16 ; --------- SCHNITTWERTE ----------
N17 R14= 50 ; Tiefenzustellfaktor
N18 R1 = 5000 ; Eilgang
N19 R11= 0.082 ; fz
N20 R13= 38.528 ; Vc
N21 R12= 3 ; Anzahl Schneiden
N22 R15= 6 ; Durchmesser
N23 R2 = (R11 * R12) * ((R13 * 1000) / (3.14 * R15)) ; Vorschub
N24 R3 = R2 / 100 * R14 ; Eintauchvorschub
N25 R4 = (R13 * 1000) / (3.14 * R15) ; Drehzahl
N26 G0 Z=HOMEZ SUPA F=R1 ; Sicherheitsebene
N27 G0 A0 C0 SUPA F=R1 ; Grundstellung
N28 ; ---------Werkzeugwechsel---------
N29 T5 D1 S=R4
N30 WZW ;Werkzeugaufruf FZ30_S6 / T5
N31 tol( 0.01 ,1 ,1 ) ; 3D-Toleranz
N32 ; ---------------------------------
N33 G0 Z=HOMEZ SUPA F=R1 ; Sicherheitsebene
N34 M03
N35 G0 A-90.23216 C7.98797 F=R1
N36 TRAORI(1) ; 5-Achs Kompensation einschalten
N37 G17 G54
N38 MSG( "Beschreibung : schlichten hinten" )
N39 G0 X789.19 Y122.016 F=R1
N40 Z-1.666
N41 ATRANS X693.626 Y81.955 Z64.707 ; Nullpunktverschiebung
N99 ;
N41 ATRANS Z-1.5 ; Korrekturverschiebung
N99 ;
N42 AROT X90.63297 Y68.48033 Z-171.42317 ; Bearbeitungsebene definieren
N43 G0 X24.891 Y-117.526 Z20 F=R1
N44 Z-22.339
N45 G01 Z-23.339 F=R3 M08
N46 X24.892
N47 X24.839 Y-116.527 Z-23.188 F=R2
N48 X22.993 Y-81.576 Z-17.918
N49 X19.195 Y-9.676 Z-7.075
N50 X18.893 Y-3.952 Z-6.211
N159 X-10.667
N160 G0 Z43.932 F=R1
N161 M09
N162 G500
N164 G0 Z=HOMEZ SUPA F=R1 ; Sicherheitsebene
N165 M30