View Full Version : Installing mach2 on a discovery 300/V2XT

07-31-2006, 08:56 PM
I'm in the process of installing Mach2 on my bridgeport. I've removed the original XT motherboard and floppy drive and replaced it with a K7S5A mainboard and AMD Athlon 900CPU, a 48xCD-Rom, a 144 floppy drive and 16.9G harddrive. I've loaded Windows XP pro. and Mach2. I received my breakout board today, the CNC4PC Multifunction CNC Board and think I'm ready to remove the FMDC board, the SAF board and the FPU card ? I think... I'm hoping for advice, opinions, experience ?. One thing I'm struggling with is the X,Y & Z limit and homing switches. the original system used 25 vdc. It looks to me that it would be easier to use 5 vdc in the new limit and home circuits. Is there any problems using the lower voltage ? Any other suggestions