View Full Version : E2011, turning table position with 5 axes

08-20-2011, 02:41 PM
Hello and good evening
How can you position the a and c axis in the simulation separately?
We have an oversized part on a VMX 30u, which lies over the link so now I have to set up the axis separately.
For example first C then A-90 then processing then a0 and c90 and then a 90 and so on…

How can I solve that in E2011?
Many thanks for your help

CNC olaf

08-23-2011, 03:15 AM
Select the feature, then go to rotation angle in the property windows and set up your angle.
Usually only 2 possibilities work.

A prerequisite is that the A and C axis are registered in the machine settings.
And if I remember correctly then the feature needs to have the correct XYZ layer.
Please correct me if I’m wrong….