View Full Version : Build Thread Can someone please recommend an end mill for leveling out my MDF table?

06-17-2014, 05:53 PM
I have a 1.5Kw spindle with max 7mm shank but 1/4" shank is most common. Can someone recommend an endmill that I can run over my table to smooth it out please? I will take a 1mm - 2mm cut out of MDF

My table is approx 1650mm x 1300mm

I have looked on ebay but really dont know which one to pick.

Looking forward to some advice please from my experienced CNC friends.

Best Regards

06-17-2014, 06:54 PM
Mini Insert Spoilboard Surfacing, Rabbeting, Flycutter and Bed Skimming CNC Router Bit with Scorers, 2 + 2 Design -Toolstoday.com- (http://www.toolstoday.com/p-6160-mini-insert-spoilboard-surfacing-rabbeting-flycutter-and-bed-skimming-cnc-router-bit-with-scorers-2-2-design.aspx)

Like that one ^^^

06-17-2014, 11:20 PM
I would go with something like these. There is no point spending nearly $200 on a bit you will use only now and then. These I have linked will just take a bit longer.

Bottom Cleaning Router Bits - Toolstoday.com - Industrial Quality Carbide Tipped Router Bits (http://www.toolstoday.com/p-4943-bottom-cleaning-router-bits-upshear-design.aspx)