View Full Version : Need Help! Linear Carriage/Gantry Help

05-21-2014, 11:42 AM
Are there any pro-tips or tricks for squaring and levelling the linear carriages and installing the gantry supports to them? My stand and machine base are very level. Whenever I follow the CRP tips using clamps (even in toolcuttingdesigner's fashion) even the the slightest pressure cause lots of resistance/tightness in the bearings. I have gotten very, very close to having the gantry perfectly square against the stops but am having trouble with the last bit of adjustment. Am I making the linear carriages too hard, or do the V-Cons look that great?


05-21-2014, 02:36 PM
Is your problem getting a single set of trucks tight without binding, or is it when you connect your gantry to the risers that the binding happens?
I had to shim between the risers and the gantry extrusion to get it perfectly square.

If your problem is in the trucks, are you using CRS or hot roll?

05-29-2014, 10:38 PM

I am having a similar problem if not the same problem as you, do the carriages role smooth in some spots and not in others? I also know my table base is level/plane i have checked it with a machinist level and a laser level. While investigating the problem tonight I noticed that the rails are bowed by at least .02" in some spots. When I unboxed the rails I could tell they were not even close to straight. I thought using the v con rail clamp would solve this issue. Where the clamp holds the rail I get good measurements, but between the two clamps the rail bows out by around .02" is some spots.

I was clued into the issue when I was rolling the carriage down the rail and noticed that one of the wheels was not spinning. I closely inspected all the wheels while the carriage traveled from end to end on its axis. When the carriage rolled the most smooth both sides of all the wheels were making good contact with both sides of the rail. When I started feeling resistance I saw that one of the wheels would only make contact on one side of the rail.

Unfortunately I have no solution, not even sure if we have the same problem... I am going to post the issue on my build thread with some pictures and videos of the issue. Hopefully we can get the problems resolved.