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05-17-2014, 11:52 AM
Well, the youngest announced her Sr (High School) project was due in a couple of days and she wanted to make a longboard (skateboard). Nothing like procrastination :)

So I drew something up in Rhino3D to her design and ran into a very minor problem which I would love to find an answer to.

As you can see in the attached gif the board is drawn on a curved surface (yellow line). When I tried to set up an outside profile using 2-1/2 D profiling I got the typical profile cuts all parallel to the x-y plane (which was enough to get me through this project). What I was hoping for was the profile cuts to follow the yellow curve in 3D.

I tried 3D offset profiling and curve machining from the 3D menu and those didn't help either, they followed the curve, but I couldn't set the depth of the z cuts.

When I get into more advanced projects this type of profiling a 3D curve will become more important to me.

Any suggestions on how to proceed with this. What am I missing here.

Thank you,

05-30-2014, 10:44 AM
Keep in mind - almost all 2D processes working at xy plane only. It's ignoring surfaces and working at vectors only
All 3D tp working on surfaces or meshes, using vectors as boundary.
If you need to work on edge of this surface, you have to trim it first.