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05-06-2014, 08:36 PM
NCPlot v2.31 Release Notes
May 5, 2014

Bug Fixes
Fixed a problem with the two line lathe canned cycles incorrectly giving an error message. This was caused by the system variable #4009 not being updated when a canned cycle was cancelled by a group 1 code.

Some Group 00 G-Codes were incorrectly being treated as motion blocks, this is fixed.

When a "T" address was passed with a value of zero from a G65 block, the actual value being passed was the last commanded "T" code instead of the value in the G65 block.

Fixed a bug in the DXF importer. If the last vertex in a polyline included a bulge value, it was added to the drawing as a line segment instead of an arc.

The program expand tool would not output literal blocks after the first one. Blocks in the format ("Literal") will now output the text between double quotes as-is.

If G92 was commanded while G68 was active then the first motion block after the G92 was not being rotated, this is fixed.

A few of the scripting commands were giving errors when an optional parameter was omitted, this is fixed. The affected commands were: NCPMirror, NCPRotate and NCPShift.

The machine configuration setting "I/J/K values are modal" no longer requires the setting "Absolute Arc Centers" to also be on. These two settings can now be turned on or off independently.

The machine configuration toolbar button now also has the dropdown list of configurations. Clicking the button still opens the machine configuration window, but the button now includes the dropdown arrow that when clicked shows the list of available configurations.

The scripts toolbar button now opens a file browse dialog where you can select a script file to execute. A dropdown arrow has also been added to the button which shows the list of available scripts.

On the variable display window the "Eval Block" now shows the block after any customizations have been applied to it. If you have "Interpreter Customize" enabled on the machine configuration then this will allow you to see each block with the customizations applied.

New Features
The macro debugger has a new breakpoint feature. You can now add breakpoints to your program by inserting blocks containing the text "(BREAK)". Both the "Run To Breakpoint" and the "Macro Animate" tools will stop when a break block is encountered. These tools are located on the macro variable display.

Added dwell time to the run time estimation page. This adds any G04 dwell times to the run time estimation seperately from the other times. This also shows up as a seperate item on the generated report. By using the interpreter customizations you can add times for M-code events such as clamping and unclamping to the run time estimation.

Thanks and enjoy!

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Thanks Scott!