View Full Version : NEMA 34 Temperature

04-05-2014, 07:29 PM
Lately I have been trying to cut jobs longer than usual. For example today I cut a job for about 35 minutes (I stopped it) that would have run about 60-80 minutes.
I noticed that the Z axis motor was getting pretty hot. It is understandable that the Z motor (NEMA34) would get the warmest in a 3D carving job or peck drilling job compared to the other 3 motors, but how hot is normal? While my other other 3 motors were relatively warm to the touch, the Z was too hot to hold for more than 2 seconds. The room where the CNC is get pretty hot when running a job - from the shopvac and specially the CNC. Would there be something wrong with a setting somewhere or does this sound normal ?

unfortunately I could not find my temp gun.

04-05-2014, 07:50 PM
They do tend to get hot a lot on some configs, but if after running for an hour you still have the skin on your fingers when touching them, it is ok, they can handle that although over 80 degrees centigrade it is not healthy for motors. So far i have not had a single one fail and on one particular machine they tend to get really hot since it is on 24/7 and actually working about 16 hours a day, i came to the above conclusion.
In my opinion if you can keep your hand on it for two seconds (not just fingertips) it is all good.