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06-06-2006, 10:30 AM
This pic is of my latest creation.It is a Tiny Power "M" side crank.The original design used 5 sealled ball bearings.This engine uses 21 ball bearings.The eccentrics use the original castings but,have 2 sealled bearings instead of bronze straps running on cast iron eccentrics with a couple of grease fittings :bs: I used 698 bearings for the remainder of the Stevenson's reversing gear.There are only 2 bushings in the entire engine.One for the piston rod and one for the valve rod.The lagging for the cylinder was cut and formed from a sheet of 14 guage stainless steel and packed with fiberglass insulation of course.The mounting bracket for the oillers was nickel plated.One of the benefits of working where I work. :cool: The valve rods are machined from 6061 aluminum bar stock.I didn't care much for the original castings which were a little undersized.Beware ....if you plan to build one of these engines,watch out for the prints.I have found several mistakes on the dimensions.Build it from the ground up.Don't try to machine all the parts and then put it all together.It won't fit. (chair) The acorn nuts are availlable from Chromebolt.com at a very reasonable price.I intended to paint it with Imron but,the price was about $568 for 2 quarts :eek: Sherwin Williams makes a urethane paint that is excellent at a fraction of the cost.All in all....I am very pleased with the finished product.It runs very well and reverses instantly at any speed.
I recently purchased the iron cylinder castings and 2 crank disks.My intention is to build a horizontal mill engine.Since the frame castings are not availlable,I will be casting them myself.The patterns are finished ,the cylinder parts machined,and the next step is to build a furnace large enough to pour the needed castings.I am on my way. :cheers:

06-06-2006, 01:20 PM
No picture...

06-06-2006, 02:58 PM
for the benefit of the unitiated, i can never resist the defacto Imron comment - it is scary stuff, unless you know all about it and have the right gear, you may have made a really good decision is passing on it. didn't used to be that much $$$, maybe they upped the price to pay the liability insurance :D or keep us diy's away - look forward to seeing the pic when its up

06-07-2006, 12:23 AM
Well....I finally got the file small enough to post.Doesn't do the engine justice though.Your right Mcgyver...Imron is scarry stuff.Especially when you see someone shoot it without any protection at all.I think the E.P.A. has put so many demands on them that it must be costing them a fortune to produce it.The paint I used was the Sherwim Williams Dimension 5.0 urethane.The jury is still out as to the durability.I guess I could have used epoxy but,it chalks when exposed to U.V. over time.