View Full Version : Need Help! HVLP stopped working after cleaning :/

02-16-2014, 07:33 AM
I recently upgraded my air compressor along with all air brushes to spray guns.

One of guns is mini HVLP which I love it and it worked great after I received it. After couple days I had to clean it up. I used ultrasonic cleaner, all came out nice and clean, but I have problem with assembling.

I mean I can assemble it but it doesn't working properly as gun won't spray paint properly. It work for one burst shot of material and after it air will get into cup causing bubbles in paint in cup (looks like something is blocking air from getting out by nozzle and it's going instead by cup).

Air nozzle is screwed, I can see that needle is going out from nozzle, also when I try without air everything seems to be working (water is coming from cup through nozzle when I press), only issue is with nozzle.

Instructions tells nothing, it's simple part list which states that gun can't be taken apart without their consent (interesting how that gun should be cleaned then).

Their are some holes in body under air nozzle, I tried to set wholes on air nozzle with one in body, but even with aligned holes it doesn't working :/

I tried to change air flow, material flow, fan flow, tried to screw air nozzle with different clearance but I have no idea what I should be looking for :/