View Full Version : CRP "2496" mashup 2' x 8' with ballscrew vcon Z

01-14-2014, 11:31 AM
Hi. First post here. I lurked a lot when deciding to drop the hammer on this kit.
I had countless back and forth emails with Ahren, and he answered every question, provided me several different quotes and updates and quotes and updates.

We decided for my budget and needs, a 2' gantry with the nema23's would work for what I'm doing. So he pieced together the required parts for me to have a 2' x 8' kit. This came with the "pro" z axis, and it was pre assembled! Thank god, that thing looks complex.

anyway, I started the build in April, it went together relatively quickly, I'd say 90% of it went up in 2 days. The rest was learning, and breaking and repairing and relearning, etc. Here's how she looks currently:


i hope i did the tags right, the buttons arent working.