View Full Version : CNC Tools Alpha version, looking for ideas, thoughts etc..

12-23-2013, 06:09 PM
Hey All,

I just released CNC tools.
What does it do?
CNCTools (light) is a toolset written in java to work on, transform, create (like a wizard/toolbox) and visualize G-Code. It's a toolset that allow you, the machinist to have a handly little tool to keep your snippets of G-Code away from your HD into a small tool.

CNC tools started of as a little project for me to start learning JavaFX and from one thing did lead to a other thing and I decided to Open Source it under the BSD-3 License. At this moment it's alpha version so it's function is rather limited. But it does include a G-Code parser + visualiser and a life G-Code editor that allows you to edit G-Code and see the result while you type.

The current Alpha version is still under (heavy) development but I am looking for ideas and to see if it worth further development or tat I should drop it and I build enough experience for myself to understand JavaFX :)

Here is a screenshot showing the wizard that allows you to use your indexer and to quickly create round-stock from a square piece of material:

Source can be found here : https://github.com/rvt/cnctools (temporary) main website: http://riesvantwisk.com/cnctools
Let me know what you think!

happy holidays