View Full Version : StickFont v2.4 and StickFont Editor v1.5 now available

12-23-2013, 02:58 PM
What's new in StickFont v2.40

StickFont has been updated to support a new font format. The new format supports arcs and allows fonts to be scaled without arcs becoming segmented.

New options have been added to the Save as G-Code setup window. These settings determine the output format for arcs and include absolute or incremental I/J arc center coordinates as well as "R" specified arcs.

What's new in StickFont Editor v1.50

StickFont Editor has been updated to support arc entities. This allows arcs to be created as true arcs instead of as a series of line segments. This not only will reduce the size of the .CHR font files, but allows fonts to be scaled without arcs becoming segmented. As a result, several new drawing commands have been added.

A new .CHR font file format has been created, this new format allows for arcs to be used natively.

Several new drawing and editing tools have been added. The new tools are aimed at working with arcs and circles.

Added a new main interface tab that allows for importing of DXF files. This allows for a drawing to be loaded and all or parts of it can be copy and pasted into your character set.