View Full Version : Need Help! mGcodeGenerator Questions...

Bruce Lytle
11-26-2013, 07:04 PM
I have installed the latest and greatest LinuxCNC version. Installed the latest version of Blender and the latest version of mGcodeGenerator, spent hours and hours watching video tutorials, read manual after manual, and I still (apparently) don't get it.
I am making my drawings in VariCad, exporting them in .stl and .dxf formats and have been able to import them into Blender, pull up the mGcodeGenerator wizard, and been able to "bake" (where the hell did that term come from?) in 2.5d and 3d, but don't get any kind of useful file. So obviously, I'm not understanding some things. One thing I do understand, is that Blender is, while a needed interface, way overkill for the task at hand (generating Gcode files).
So, here's a 3d view of the part I'm trying to generate the code for, as a simple first try:
Ok, now the questions.
I've seen posts concerning the lack of dimensions in the .stl format, but can't find the link for how to deal with that, can someone help with that?
When I pull the .dxf version of the file, I only get 2d information, so I'm imagining that I need to extrude the outline in blender. Do I extrude BELOW z zero, or ABOVE? This would also apply to the insertion of the .stl file. ie. does mGcodeGenerator (henceforth referred to as mGG) only deal with object above or below zero in 2d? How does it deal with it in 3d?
For simple parts as this one, do I need to "bake" in 2d, 2.5d, or 3d?
How do I deal with this part?:
Do I have to generate code for each view, top, front and end?
I have used MasterCam in the past, where I have to define tool paths, etc. Does mGG decide the "best" tool paths? Do I have to generate 2 files to do the profile and the hole drilling?
Do I have to generate code for roughing and finishing passes?
How do I define my "stock" size?
Any and all help is appreciated.