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carter j
11-21-2013, 09:00 PM
i think im cursed before i even get to unpack my pro4848 bits.

after ordering it over a month ago, ive had nothing but trouble sourcing parts and waiting for botched delivery's.

currently im trying to find a supplier for the bearing guides with very little success. i called the largest local steel supplier, onesteel, only for them to tell me steel flat bar doesnt come in 25mmx12mm sections. their website says something different. the receptionist, i assume, tried to tell me i was looking for aluminium or hollow section. the 20mmx 12mm i still cant find anywhere.

this was after id been trying to find the 80mmx160mm aluminium profile for the frame of the machine for weeks. the 8016 described on the cnc router parts website was being mistaken here for 1680 (16mmx80mm). only when i went to purchase it did i see the mistake. 80x160 isnt easy to find. endless unanswered emails and phone calls, i called modular components(from a link on another build thread i found here) after they didnt answer my emails. the only company that i spoke to that said they could supply it, even then they didnt seem to interested in filling the order. over a week after they said it would be one to two days for delivery they email me asking me for my address. id already given it to them twice.

im starting to worry whats in store for me with the chinese made spindle. i did purchase a locally distributed variable frequency drive from mjb instead of the chinese sourced one. though i asked to make sure it came with wiring diagram, it still didnt. i did find a copy online though.

id read how easy this build was, and i can see how easy it is. thats why i went with the pro4848. but right now, im starting to really regret it.
my plan of having this up and running before christmas, i think now is a little optimistic.

carter j
12-02-2013, 10:38 PM
finally received my aluminium and steel.
please, if your in australia seriously consider ordering both either with the full kit or elsewhere from overseas. the UK i think would be preferred, generally companys there are more accustomed to sending products overseas and they have easy to locate and order from websites.

modular components and automation, the only place i could find that said they could supply the 80x160 extrusion in australia, are not interested in supplying small orders such as need for a pro4848 machine. even after waiting weeks for the delivery it still turned up damaged. luckily its only superficial. but after paying $281 p/m before tax, before delivery, im not happy. avoid them like the plague.

but at least i can now move forward piecing it all together.

12-03-2013, 04:58 PM
Sorry to hear that you had trouble with them, I only recommended them since they were the cheapest and everything went smoothly with my order. Did you manage to track down a supplier for the v-con rails ?

carter j
12-03-2013, 09:24 PM
its alright, i would have had to order it from overseas without your recommendations.
i couldnt find anyone to supply the aluminium or steel in the sizes needed. i ended up getting the steel from bright steels as well.they were the only place that supplied the 3/4x1/2 flat bar. but they were just as bad for delaying the order though, constantly asking me to confirm my payment and asking where i had deposited it when they had only given me one account to pay it in to. i would have thought checking their account for my name and the invoice number as reference i left would be easier then asking me over and over for some reference number, which i didnt have.
i think they were just stalling for time, because in the end i received two different types of steel, the custard colour of the m1020 on 3/4 bar and a light blue on the 1 inch bar. they do have a slightly different finish so i figured it wasnt a sizing colour. but the colour charts i looked at say its x1112 type steel, which i havent been able to find a reference to what that is yet.