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11-20-2013, 03:47 PM

I'm kind of out of the options here. I've tried everything. Basically my machine produces strange wobbly/jagged results as you can see from the image attached.

So far, machine worked great without any issues whatsoever. Transmission is Ahren's rack and pinion and drive is Gecko G540. Machine has been in light production for 4 years now. It's a 3-axis machine.

Issue is most prominent when doing circles and arcs, as if interpolation is wrong or something. I have throughly checked mechanics and everything seems to be in order, so my conclusion is that it's either some electric/electronic part or something in software. I'm running this on Mach3 (haven't changed versions, so it can't be that?) and I have tried to contact gecko to see if they have seen this behavior or if they have some idea - but they haven't responded at all. So much for support.

So guys, please, have you seen this type of issue before or have any ideas what might be the cause? I'm all out of options.


11-20-2013, 05:07 PM
This doesn't look like anything that would be caused by electronic or software malfunctions. It looks a lot like the result of a mechanical problem. If your machine was working fine all this time, maybe something loosened up that used to be tight. Tell us more about your machine - what kind of slides does it have? What kind of spindle does it have and how is it mounted? What's the spindle runout? How much backlash are you measuring on each axis?

Andrew Werby

11-21-2013, 02:27 PM
My gear is: Ahren's rack and pinion, slides are Rexroth linear rail bearing size 25, motors Nema 23 size. I havent measuerd spindle runout yet though. Spindle is Kress and it's setup correctly :)
backlash is 0.08mm

11-21-2013, 02:44 PM
Cut it a a much slower speed. If it comes out good, than it's probably mechanical.