View Full Version : Large diameter ball nose cutter?

11-04-2013, 01:05 PM
I would like to find a .5-1 inch radius ball nose router bit, preferably an insert tool. I have found 2.

1. One made by vortex that appears to be discontinued (not to mention a little too pricey)
Ballnose Insert Bit, Multi-Radius, Vortex 8220 (http://www.carbideprocessors.com/ballnose-insert-bit-multi-radius-vortex-8220/)

2. one made by her-saf. I'm thinking about getting the her-saf tool the only thing I don't like about it is that it looks like one side will cut and the other side will rub and dull :(. This also means a slower feedrate than a tool with cutting geometry on both sides :mad:
Her-Saf Online Store - Product ยป 1/2"-Radius Bull Nose (1" dia.... (http://www.hersaf.com/shop/index.php/action/item/id/289/prevaction/category/previd/7/prevstart/0/subid/62/)

I see a couple of big round cutters in this video, and I want one!

I'm tired of making lots of stopovers for low curvature geometry and wearing out my XL carbide bit unnecessarily.

11-08-2013, 07:10 PM
If you can get the Vortex, I can say I've always had excellent luck with their tooling. It's expensive, but it's top notch. Otherwise, you can also contact Leitz Tooling about having custom bits made to your specs. It costs a bit at first, but then you just resharpen them for years. I've had them do quite a bit of custom stuff and it always pays off to have exactly what you wanted.

Over 125 years of Leitz Woodworking Tools - Leitz Home Page (http://www.leitztooling.com/)

I've used Vortex and Leitz for years and never had a problem with anything I've bought from either of them (other than the price ;) ).

Also, I've always ordered directly from Vortex. They probably also do custom bits, but I suspect that Leitz is probably the better price for that. Wouldn't hurt to ask though.