View Full Version : Newbie Sigmanest to run Esprit Viper Plasma machine and a new laser machine

10-19-2013, 03:06 PM

I am new here and am hoping that someone may be able to offer me some advice please. I currently have a 260amp HD Viper from Esprit and use their Procut software quite well and am pleased with it. We are now in the process of purchasing a laser machine to run alongside the Plasma. Amada and Bystronic are in contention for the order.

My dilemma is that I would like software that works well on both the Plasma and whichever laser we choose. Bysoft 7 and Dr Abe seem good packages but neither of them allow DSTV import. Procut 8 does DSTV really well but does not have a post processor that will successfully work on the lasers. A post processor can be made for me but I am unsure if the cost of it would be better spent on a "one package fits all" solution

I have used Sigma in the past but wonder if anyone currently uses it to run an Esprit machine to deliver the "Truhole" and also uses it to run either a Bystronic or Amada and how do you get on with it?

Thanks in advance.