View Full Version : Autodesk CEO Carl Bass Thinks The Future Of Hardware Startups Extends To The Moon And

10-18-2013, 08:30 PM
Autodesk isn’t a startup, but in a lot of ways, the graphics software giant is behaving like one – and helping pave the way for a new generation of hardware entrepreneurs in the process. CEO Carl Bass was at Wired’s London 2013 event this week, and TechCrunch sat down with him to discuss the rise of the device startup, the future of 3D printing, and whether Autodesk’s successful experiments with cloud software and flexible pricing might also lead it to play a little further afield – in the world of own-brand hardware, for instance. Bass sees a world where there are new kinds of companies, ones that aren’t only tackling previously impossible hardware projects, but ones that are tackling huge hardware problems.

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