View Full Version : level and hangup

10-25-2003, 05:52 PM
Thought I would share some experience. had to move our 102 by 52 in z7 router today, spent time reshiming and leveling and making shure everything was perfect. Went back to work and setup 2 jobs on either end of machine. after the first job machine went to other end of table and started next job. 1 min in the x drive stalls and...... big mess. after a little cleaning ... pushing gantry by hand I could feel where it was sticking. looked at the rack and pinion drive and ..... there are two sections of rack that butted together.for some reason one is about .125 thicker. was able to fix with some shims,straight edge and a tap on the end with a hammer. also checked the other side it was fine. I have checked the racks before for dust and garbage and wear, never noticed the sections before.

ps love this site and starting to plan home built for dovetailing.