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10-25-2003, 12:56 AM
Well, I may or may not go over my goal of $4500 for this router. I have already spent $1700 total (Plans,THK rails, Power supply & motors, tools). I spent almost $500 for tools these last couple of days. Of course, I didn't have anything to begin with really. Picked up a Welding unit for 69, a drill press for 62, and lots of measuring tools. The quality of the stuff I'm getting is really pretty good on ebay: Starrett, MasterCraft, Lufkin.
Anyway, the next step is to buy the steel square tubing for the frame. I will buy some extra to practice welding on also. Once the frame is built then I will have to scour the drawings and such to find what I need to modify on the gantry for my oversized motors (4" wide x 6.5" long). That will be my only modification!
At that point I'll order the aluminum kit and all the rest.

My real problem is that we have one extra car we're trying to sell. We have a buyer but he's being kinda slow. Might be a couple of weeks before I have space in the garage to start the steel frame.

It ain't easy being cheesy!

11-01-2003, 01:27 AM
Well, today a friend came over and helped install a 220 AC outlet in my garage for my welder, as well as some 115 outlets for my cnc machine. We test welded some stuff also. I found out one thing....welding isn't as easy as it sounds. But I have time to practice before I start on my cnc router frame. Good ventilation and an auto-darkening mask are paramount!
I'll post some pictures when I start playing with the frame in about a week or so.

11-28-2003, 06:22 PM
OK, today I found a good steel company to work with me. Their cutting it to 10' lengths and delivering it monday. Yeehaw!

160' of 2"x2" x 3/16" thick, square steel tubing for the Frame at $1.50 foot ($240). And, only $35 delivery charge! (To a residence).

I bought some extra for bracing or in case I cut a few wrong or mess them up in some way. I also wanted to practice with some of it. Can you have too much steel?
I might add I had a hell of a time finding someone to deal with me. Most wanted to sell it in very long lengths of 20'-24' and didn't deliver to a residence. I live in a large city so I was surprised they wern't a little more accommodating. More than half of them were closed for the Thanksgiving holidays (their loss). But if you keep calling you will find someone good. Don't even bother about how far away the company is; if they will deliver for a decent price who cares!
I already have my welder so I can't wait to start practicing welding with some of the extra steel I bought. And I borrowed a compound miter saw from my brother-in-law. Here is a tip about compound miter saws: Once you set it up to start cutting then you should use masking tape on the round base that swivels. Cover all the grooves. That way you don't get metal shavings in the grooves of the base (picture a circle turning inside a donut). It won't swivel long if you get enough metal shavings in that groove.

Till the next update....Cheers!

11-28-2003, 06:55 PM
Sounds great.
Give us some pictures as you get deeper into it.
love to see the start to finish pictures.

11-29-2003, 10:00 PM
Who did you order the steel from? And please let us know what you think of their service and product once you get it.


pack rat
11-29-2003, 11:20 PM
I think this is going to be a big one.Those motors are NEMA 42 about 1100oz/in if they are like the ones I got. (steppers) I am also thinking steel rather then aluminum. I'll watch your progress.Good luck with car sale.

11-30-2003, 07:26 PM
It's a local company (Builders Supply in Rowlette, Tx.). This stuff is much too heavy to ship. Were talking a minimum of 500 lbs. You would have to find it local to you. Every town will have some companies like this. Look under "Steel" in the yellow pages and start calling down the list. I got a good one on about the 5th call.

pack rat:
Actually, my motors are rated 1500-ozin peak at 60V/45A peak. LOL. They are servo motors. My one power supply will do 57V at 35A. If I wanted more peak power than I would have to add some bigger power supplies. I really don't think I'll need that, but we'll see!

12-02-2003, 11:55 AM
What Hath Hell Wrought!

My God! 2"x2"x3/16" is a lot bigger in person than it is on paper! That stuff is huge! I could build locomotive frames out of it! LOL! Seriously, your pictures of your machine, ninewgt, don't do justic to the size or sturdiness of the device. Holy moses! (Can you tell I'm just a little excited about having 500+ lbs of steel dumped in my back yard? Hehe.)
It cost me $2.25 foot at 140 feet. But it was free delivery and they cut it into 10' lengths. The original company I had contacted couldn't get what I wanted so I went with these folks.

Word to the wise: If you can have them "presicion" cut the stuff to all the correct sizes then do it. Unfortunately, my place didn't do that kind of cutting. I foresee a couple of days of just cutting it. But a pleasurable torture it will be!

This must be what it feels like the night before your wedding when your hands get clammy, your breath is short, and you start getting cold feet...Too late to back out now buddy! LOL.

12-06-2003, 02:17 AM

Glad to hear you got your steel....a couple of other builders do also - one has his fram done. He built his from all 2.5 X 2.5 because he wanted more mass.......

The frame is sturdy but anything lighter will not do the machine justice.......