View Full Version : Nook 20020 - Bronze ACME Nut

09-04-2013, 03:26 PM
I was looking for this part today, it's for an MTC 4x4 CNC table I have and it's to replace part of the Z-Axis control.

Nook Ind. directed me to Motion Industries and several other vendors to order it from. OK that's fine. Have to sign up and all that.

Just did a search and lo and behold Amazon.com shows them on their site. Cheaper, free shipping, and I already have an account. They appear to have quite a few drive parts on there.

So just a thought if your looking for parts, this might be a good place to look.

I'll post a note if it does truly arrive in 2-days.



09-08-2013, 10:00 AM
Just a note that Amazon did come through with the part on Friday. My MTC 4x4 table is back up and running.

So this is a good resource if your looking for parts.

Have fun!