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09-02-2013, 10:05 AM

NCPlot v2.30 Release Notes
August 31, 2013

Bug Fixes

The DXF importer would incorrectly read some arc entities as mirrored, this is fixed. This seems to be an issue only with drawings saved from a few particular CAD packages.

If a file was dragged and dropped onto a document being edited the dropped file replaced the edit file instead of opening a new document. This was true even if the edit file was not saved, resulting in loss of work. This has been fixed, this action now opens the file in a new document.

Fixed a bug in the Find functionality that was introduced in v2.25. If the search text was not found a run time error ocurred after the message asking if you want to search again from the beginning of the file.

Fixed a problem with 'Replace All'. When the CR/LF representation "^M" was used in the find/replace text it was possible for NCPlot to lock up in a never-ending loop. This has been fixed.

Fixed a problem with 'Replace All'. If the replace text contained multiple address words and colorizing was enabled then no replacements were made.

When a new document was loaded by a script the document tiling was not being applied to it, this is fixed.

Text typed into the editor was being colorized even if the colorize setting was turned off, this is fixed.

The 'Convert arc I/J/K to R' tool was incorrectly converting helical arcs when the start and end points were the same on the active plane, this is fixed.

The 'Convert arc I/J/K to R' tool was not allowing very small arcs to be converted even if the start and end points were not the same, this is fixed.


The location for saving the license manager settings has been moved. This allows the settings to be shared among all users of a computer rather than requiring each user to define these settings.

Made a change to the isometric view behavior, this view will now pan when both the left and right mouse buttons are pressed together.

The milling canned cycles have been updated to more accurately represent each cycle. This will improve run time estimation for programs that use these canned cycles.

The popup menus for selecting machine configurations and scripts are now alphabetized.

Added a new program coloring scheme. The program can now be colored by the modal G-Code state.

The machine configuration toolbar button now opens the machine configuration instead of the popup list of configurations.

The "save to file" feature of the viewport print preview window will now prompt for a desired image width.

Changed the 'Eval Block' display on the variable display window. This display will now show results of IF, WHILE and GOTO expressions as well as variable assignments.

New Features

The toolbar style can now be selected from the Preferences window. Available styles are Office 2000, Office XP, Office 2003 and Visual Studio 2005.

Added the ability to define the colors for buttons and frames. These settings can be found on the Preferences window.

Added a setting to the machine configurations "G/M Codes" page. This setting is labeled "Maximum Subprogram Nesting Level" and allows NCPlot to match the maximum nesting level of your control.

The "Break arcs into lines" tool has a new setting that allows you to break only arcs smaller than a specified length. This is useful for converting very short arc moves into line segments.

Added a line width setting to the viewport print preview window. This allows setting the drawing line width for printing and for saving the preview as a .BMP file.

Added a new tool called 'Program Expand' to the 'Tools' menu. This tool works similar to the Macro Translator tool, except that it works on the currently selected edit file. It will convert macro programs into longhand G-Code as well as expand loops and subprograms. The expanded file is created in a new document.

Add a new "File" menu item called 'Send To'. This menu allows sending the current edit file to an external application. The application list is customizable via the file 'SendTo.ini' which is in the NCPlot application folder.

Added new scripting functions:

NCPEvaluate(strExpression, isEmpty, errCode)
NCPParseExpression(strExpression, lPointer, errCode)
NCPGetVariable(varNum, isEmpty, [pLevel])
NCPSetVariable(varNum, varVal, isEmpty, [pLevel])
NCPBreakLines SegmentLength
NCPBreakArcsIntoLines MaxDeviation, [MaxLength]