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08-09-2013, 10:19 AM
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New to CNC zone so bear with me if this is in the wrong section or I'm taking the wrong approach.

For a uni project i am looking at some fun stuff with air flow across an object I am building a system that with guide a small blower nozzle in xyz position around the object - this seems as straight forward as replacing a drill head for the air nozzle unless i'm missing something which is very possible.

I also want to vary the airflow along the path, Is it possible to vary the airflow - would this be just the same as changing the spindle speed equivalent ?
As this is a bit different I'm unsure what my options are for appropriate software that will be flexible?

I would really appreciate some input, as it stands the people i have spoken to have just shrugged their shoulder mainly based on the fact I think my idea isn't normal. I really hope this isnt the case else its back to the drawing board.

Thank you