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08-04-2013, 11:07 PM
We have been cutting a number of different parts on our machine for pocketing holes for magnets with one setup or "home" point on the cnc, but this one part has a pocket that falls left of the "home" position on the x axis and when we post it to mach3 from sheetcam it won't pocket any of the pockets far enough to the left, is there anyway to set this up in sheetcam other than put a "home position" basically on the rail on my machine. We tried moving around the parking position in sheetcam and that did not make any difference, just cut it in the same place, right now I'm confused what parking is even for then. The only way we could get the machine to cut in the right place is to add a spacer block and we also moved things around in sheetcam so we could cut a larger spacer block rather than a thin sliver. Iv'e post pic here to kind of help see my problem.194856194858194854194860 Well hopefully these help some.

Mick Gannon
02-03-2014, 06:07 AM
In Mach3 home position is at the limit switch positions, "zero" postion can be set to any position on the machine, Sheet cam can align to a set point on the drawing so that all machining starts from that point.
I set up my sheet cam so that at all times the machine and machine area is clearly defined and visual on the screen, doing it this way you can see straight away where the parts are positioned relative to your machine.
Go to machine options enter data of working envelope, then go to table display enter position of working area relative to machine(bottom left hand corner x/y position I used) this position depends on where your vac table or clamping area is. Now go to job options and enter the material size and what position you want it to be place relative to the table i.e centered or biased to the left/right/top or bottom.
When you have entered the data as stated above you should have on screen the following, table display is dark grey, working area is in light grey and material in reddish dark brown
The following notes should be observed
1, Table display is the total movement of the machine by the cutter ie x/y and z
2, Working area is the total size of the vacuum bed or clamping area.
3, Material is the size of sheet being cut.
4, In mach3 you can redifine a zero postion from the true home limit position, this should be the same for other programs.
5, When importing a drawing in to sheet cam it will always start from a defined corner of the materail as set up in the material menu, you either define a boarder within the drawing for which the part is positioned relative to the material being cut or if not using a boarder, define an offset entered by using the boxes bottom right side of the screen, when this is used the part to be machined will move to the set offset, when using a vac bed it is adviseable to have at least 10-15mm of boarder which is left un machined material to maintain a constant vacuum.
Please don't think that I am teaching you to suck eggs but many call's to the designer of this software helped me to sort a lot of basic error's that I had made during the set up of the program, I hope this helps.