View Full Version : Need Help! Anyone using madCAM and LinuxCNC on a 4 axis machine?

07-01-2013, 11:08 AM

I'm a long time Rhino user and just recently finished building a 4 axis metal working CNC. To my horror I discovered that the most expensive part of the CNC is the CAM package. Add to this the fact I'm driving my CNC with LinuxCNC and suddenly I'm very limited because of the inverse timing thing.

So, somehow I missed MadCAM but now I found it I would like some input from anyone who uses LinuxCNC and MadCAM. The whole "G93 Inverse Timing Mode" thing has me perplexed so does anyone here use MadCAM and LinuxCNC with a 4 axis machine specifically?

What level of support does MadCAM and its post-processor have for LinuxCNC?