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10-09-2003, 04:18 PM
My Kress 6990E router started having problems and I found out the company has discontinued this model. They offered me a
replacement model that was less powerful. I didn't want do go from 1.25 to .75 hp so I am returning it for a refund.

Now I am looking for another router.

I scanned through the posts here and searched the web for a router that will:
- Will mount to easily to my cnc machine.
- have Min 1.25 HP
- have variable speed
- hold a 1/4 to 1/2" shank bit.

Below is a table of the ones I like so far.

I really like the Porter Cable 7518 but I don't know if I need the 3.25 hp. The weight is a lot more then others. I like the max tool diameter (*at low RPM). I bet it is loud.

I think the Porter Cable 694VK is my best choice except I don't know the noise level. I don't think that will be a deciding factor.

The Makita is a close second. Slightly lower RPM then the PC and I don't know the max tool size. Its the only one to list the noise level.

I need more info on the Bosch. One selling point is the ability to use long bits and accurate centering.

I looked at a Dewalt, but it did not appear to mount easily to my machine.

If anyone can add to this list or has comments. Please Post.


ARC= Auto Release Collet
SS = Soft Start

10-09-2003, 06:00 PM
I’m using the Makita on my home built machine. The decision to purchase was based on years of using the bigger Makita routers are work. The body is one of the smallest on the market for efficient use of space and the router is VERY quiet on the lower speed settings. The light weight also makes life easier for the stepper lifting the already too heavy Z axis.
No regrets.


10-09-2003, 10:38 PM
It's probably a lot more than you need, but the PC 7518 is pretty quiet when running at 10,000 rpm. The 694 Vk is a kit with both standard and plunge bases. The standard base version is the 690LRVS. I plan on either using this router or one of my 690's with one of those router speed controls. I haven't seen one, so not sure how loud it is, but I would think it's at least as quiet as the 7518. I liked the Makita as well, but designed my cnc around the Porter Cable, and since I already have a few, I don't need a dedicated one right away. Bottom line, I don't think any would be a bad choice, but the 7518 is probably a little bigger than you need. The other 3 are very similar. PC is cheapest, the others have lower RPM's, your call. Not a lot of help, was I?


10-10-2003, 01:20 AM
I have 6 of the 3 1/4 hp Porter Cable routers and I can tell you they are loud. I have a Digital Tool cnc router tht has two of them mounted and when you run both of the at the same time the noise is horrible. That is with hearing protection too. On the other hand unless you run them like do, unmercifully, it will last and last.
I think Dan from Homecnc {I hope I got his name right} designed some tool holders that are beautiful for this motor and I can tell you again after as many tool changes as I have to do the collets wear out pretty fast.


10-10-2003, 01:07 PM
You really can't go wrong with any of those routers, but if it were me I'd choose the Bosch (FYI: it does have soft start). It's just a beefier model than the other two in its class. I was in a woodworking store that had the stators pulled from various routers and there just wasn't any comparison to the size of the Bosch's.

Do you have any other plans for this router other than CNC use?

10-10-2003, 02:50 PM
Thanks for the replys so far.

Steve (tsalaf)
Does the Makita have something like the Auto Release Collet? I have a older Makita router on a router table, and you have to use the wrench twice to break the frozen grip. The motor size is a definate plus.

Also I read in the Makita online manual use the larger base plate (with the 2.5" hole) when using a bit bigger then 1.25" diameter. Of course I won't be using the base plate, but I assume the max rated bit diameter is 2.5". I have in mind to be able to feed boards under the router like a planer. The larger the facing bit the better.

Gerry (ger21)
I see the Porter Cable 690LRVS cost is 160.00. I sure don't need the kit.

One other thing I want to find out about these routers is the cost of extra collet nuts. I would like to make a quick change collet system like HomeCNC's (I think his name is Jeff). It would save a lot of time to have your tools already set.

I plan to use this router only on my cnc machine. I guess that beefy stator on the Bosch is why they say you can use longer bits. I'll be looking at that one.


10-10-2003, 04:47 PM
Bill, you do have to break the collet loose with the wrench. I'd also like to have a set of cutters in tool holders. Anyone have a source?

As for planing boards with a router.....use a planer.

10-10-2003, 07:27 PM
I just got a Sears catalog a few weeks ago and they had router collets similar to Jeff's (HomeCNC). Individual tool holders that fit in a collet nut. It said it fit Sears and Porter Cable routers. I think it was 4 holders for $30 or $40. I can;t find the catalog now, and I can't find it on their website, but if I find the info, I'll post it.


10-11-2003, 04:53 PM
Wow! my name is sure poping up alot over here :)

Bill I have the PC 3-1/4 router and I think it is very quiet on the 10,000 setting. I do all my finish 3D work on this setting. I can walk up to the router when it's going and watch it with out the need for ear plugs.

I have had some request to make my collets for a few people, but it takes me days to do it. I have had one offer from a CNC lathe opperator on this board to quote me the cost in some kind of lot sizes. I guess I should look into this and see what quantities and cost I can get them made for.

10-12-2003, 02:23 PM
They would be a snap on a converted cnc lathe.....hint hint. :)