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10-09-2003, 02:08 PM
Boy oh boy I found a reason for another (tool) toy! One of my hobbies is woodcarving caricatures; cowboys, hobos, hillbillies, and such they vary from 6 to 18 inches tall. The bigger blanks are four inches square. Yep they are cut up fence post from the lumber store or picked up from where ever. Now being retired and at the point that my arthritis complains from the stress to my wrist and fingers. As the arthritis has progressed I’ve moved to carving larger figures. Now seeing some of the examples of thing’s people have done I got to thinking. Well I could build a CNC controlled machine to rough out my figures. Then I only have to do the details by hand. From some of the examples I’ve reviewed, it looks like the machine could do a lot of the details. After all I have been using my Fordham for the detail work a lot more lately because of the strain/pain. But I’m not sure which software I should use to develop the image of the figure, and then develop the tool path, then control the router. Although 3DMAX, MAXScripts and CNC toolkit look interesting. Then maybe use TurboCNC or Master5 to do the controlling? Mach1 intrigues me but my shop computer is Win98.

I’ve reviewed and dreamed about some of the 5 and 6 axis gantry machines, Most of these would be great just to have around, you know once you have a new tool you begin to dream up all kinds of things you can do with it. They for the most part, look like they could route something in the round. I know the Z axis travel distance might be a problem with it being up to 18 to 20”. Although in roughing it out I could have quite a bit of error and that wouldn’t hurt anything, you know say plus or minus one eighth of an inch. Now if it were on a CNC lathe type setup that would solve that issue, I could see working between centers and in the round would do it. Because floor space is at a premium in my work shed maybe I could construct it as an accessory for my antique Logan lathe? Maybe hang it from the ceiling when I don’t need it. I just haven’t seen much discussion about routing in the round or CNC lathe work. Another idea is a turntable as one of the axis rather that an X, Y table. So I guess the X-axis would be wrapped around its axis. Hum now that idea has merit, and I could leave my Logan alone. But it’s still back to the “routing in the round issue”. I’m looking for direction so what the consensus of this group.

10-10-2003, 12:24 AM
Ithink you blew there minds!!!!

10-10-2003, 12:58 AM
I am by no means an expert, in fact I am not even a spurt, but I am headed exactly where you are. My machine will need to be much heavier and larger than yours would because I will be carving gunstocks. The way I have my machine laid out right now is a 4 axis with the x axis being the long axis and carrying the 4th axis rotary system. Like you I am seeing another machine in the future but it will be a minature 6 axis for doing minute carvings in wood, wax and maybe gold. I am thinking of jewelry here! If you spend enough time here the guys and Jennifer will give you most all the help you will need.

I am learning Rhino v 3.0 with Flamingo for my 3d modeling. I am waiting to see if v.19 of Bobcad can carve from one of those models and do it easily. If not, I will either go with Onecnc or Rams for my cams program. Rams currently has a full 4 axis program for somewhere around $1000 +/-. If you are interested in the Rhino, pm me with your email and I will hook you up with the best prices in the nation unless you are a student. :D

Do you do your own cad work. If not that is something that can be outsourced. I am having one done from my Rhino file to Solidworks now. The shop that is going to do some carbon fiber work for me likes the stl from Solidworks. I can't tell you why cause I have no idea.